he mumbled as he ran

please sir please your
pleasure is on view
please put it away
we’ll have no pervs today
that’s all she had to say
to get him moving
of course it helped that she
released a horde of bees
and then a can of mace
was sprayed into his face
and then a pile of stones
he ran as they were thrown
his elbows and his legs hit,
but being mostly blinded
he had some trouble finding

the exitcomedy club

he mumbled as he ran
can’t guess how this began
all i did was smile
i may have had my hand up
and then i guess i laughed
but that’s part of the craft
of the stand-up
they’re such deceitful folks
they weaken you with jokes
they mess with your resistance
from here on out now we
will get our comedy
from a distance

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture courtesy bing.com/images
this verse did not exist before the Daily prompt – pleasure
it also feels it should be part of the  Daily prompt – joke
and the Daily prompt – craft

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