a kangaroo won the lottery

a kangaroo won the lottery,
the family was joyous
she paid off debts, which were mostly vets,
and decided to go on a voyage
she packed up the kid and sealed up her pouch
left the spouse asleep on the old filthy couch
a kangaroo was excited to see
a ship so grand at the pier
and eager to prove she was now on the move
and addressing her sea-going fears
she hopped on board,
got her luggage all stored,
went out to see the horizon
and see it she did, both her and her kid
and they both thought it mainly surprisin’
they skipped along, exploring the ship,
but the deck was wet
and down she slipped
the captain came by, a very sweet man
gave her joey a smile,
gave his momma a hand
“it’s just the rocking,” she said, “I can’t stand”
“but we haven’t started to rock yet”
she felt it, she swore,
but he told her once more
they hadn’t left the dock yet
so back in the pouch with the little guy
in one big leap they’re over the side
she’ll get no refund but she doesn’t care
she’s decided to travel by air.
kangaroo jesus
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by shouplade, courtesy pixabay.com
this verse came about because of the Daily prompt – voyage
and it’s playing with the Daily prompt – filthy – while i work on something new

listen, mr. everything sucks

I could have you hold you
love you teach you
I can’t reach you
I could feed you need you adore you
I can’t do more for you
things you have to learn yourself
others have it worse
you have choices you have chances
life is not your curse
others have it worse
I wish I could impart my mind
my hope my faith my drive
I could give you life but I can’t
make you feel alive
you are you, your own mind
there are things you have to find
your life’s no worse than other’s lives
I can’t convince you otherwise

live to live
that’s all the reason I can give
live to live, not just exist
to build a list
of life
a legacy
a life
to leave a mark
to take a stand
to be a part
to be a man
to make a change
enjoy the small
be in awe
of the great
admire desire
conspire retire


© 2012 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by threadbombing.com, courtesy bing.com/images
an answer to the Daily prompt – awe
and the Daily prompt – admire

in awe of the older among us

awe-oldused to wonder at
the older or infirmed
how they carried on
plodded to & from
lives & life & work
despite some obvious
in their clearly
fragile bones
used to be in awe
of how they didn’t quit
assuming that they
had a choice
i want to
so bad i crave it
no obligation
free time free life
if it’s cold stay in
if it’s nice go out
don’t have to
don’t have to
don’t have to
anything i
don’t want to
i’m too young
to feel so old
too hot
to have this cold

© 2013 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by PublicDomainPictures, courtesy pixabay.com
an answer to the Daily prompt – awe
and a temporary answer to the Daily prompt – obvious, while i work on something else

having empty space to fill

empty space
how coud i
forget the thrill
of having empty
space to fill
with words that
and unbidden
you know?
there’s a lot of
thrills i’ve forgotten
details of life
that i’ve lost
but at least
i have two,
AK & the Woo
to remember
for me
all the things
we go through
maybe the space
that this clears
in my head
can be used to exhume
these old beats
from the dead
maybe the room that this
clears in my brain
will be a room
i can live in again.
© 2002 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by Kaz, courtesy pixabay.com
an answer to the Daily prompt – empty

the empty boxes

i like my spoons substantial
he chills his with the napkins
i can’t imagine how he thinks
but that is how it happens
he saves the empty boxes
just lets them take up room
but if i dared to say a thingapple stickers
that thing would spell my doom
he leaves the basement lights on
he seems to think it’s cute
he menaces with stickers
that they use to mark the fruit
they end up on the counter,
face up & stuck for spite
I think he thinks it’s funny
I think it just ain’t right
if he does one more thing to me
I’ll have to get a better roomie
© 2014 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by PublicDomainPictures, courtesy pixabay.com
an answer to the Daily prompt – empty

gems and germs

rubyit may not
all be good
it doesn’t have to
all make sense
if there’s going to be
a ruby in the mud
there must be mud around
the groundwork as it were
the practice before the perfect
the cloud to be lined-in-silver
the empty cup
to fill it up
keep it going
never give up

write write write all night
let it come out

sometimes it’s gems
sometimes it’s germs
sometimes nothing to write home about
but it always is something
which is better than nothing
which is words in a new conflagration if you
do not accept static
or hackneyed
or trite
and always aspire to
say it a new way
to put down a thought
to write
not like demeaning
but getting the meaning
not like degrading
but going for shading.
© 2011 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by Fathromi Ramdlon, courtesy pixabay.com
an answer to the Daily prompt – empty

daily rites

you forget that it’s permanent
you have to take the medicine every daymedicine-bottle-pills
this is for keeps, it will never go away
I never thought I’d be the kind
to be able to handle the daily grind
of pills and poultices and rituals
of being good each day, habitual,
of living with the un-curable
i thought it would be unendurable
most days i can deal
surprised at how almost good i feel
then there’s days i wish i had
the strength to hurl this stuff into a canyon
misery loves company
but company prefers a healthier companion

© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by clarksvilleonline.com, courtesy bing.com/images
this verse fits the Daily prompt – companion

the shortest season

what is the reason
why summer is the shortest season?
who can explain
why it runs right down the drain
like a nice cool shower
at the warmest hour?
it’s great then it’s done
and you’re back to square one
and you want to do summer again








© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by Fré Sonneveld, courtesy unsplash.com
this verse was inspired by the Daily prompt – summer

how alarming


lately i am up at dawn
i watch the sun arise
i watch the morning paper boy
as sleep falls from my eyes
i see the garbage truck stop by
as summer starts to shine
i see my neighbor head for work
his hours are worse than mine
what is this morning nameless-ness
that gets me up but aimless
it isn’t morning joyousness
that i find such a charm
it’s the never ending noise-ishness
from the other son’s alarm
it works just fine on some of us
but has no effect on one of us


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by Alexas Fotos, courtesy pixabay.com
this verse was inspired by the Daily prompt – summer
but it also likes the Daily prompt – eyes
and the Daily prompt – shine

melting pot

having time
yet having none
being bored
yet having fun
summer is a melting pot
sometimes it’s cool
sometimes it’s not
and since the ‘frigerator died
it’s melting everything inside


© 1977 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by ejaugsberg, courtesy pixabay.com
this old verse fits the Daily prompt – summer