walk it off

i’ve given up on doctors
whatever happens next
i’m gonna have to roll with it
i’ll have to walk it off
even if that’s tricky with a cough

a-doctorthe way they disregard you
the way they make you wait
the way they don’t know anything
not until too late
deprive us of our dignity
disregard our truths
we’re crippled with bureaucracy
they’ve robbed us of our youth

we should not be paying
for what we aren’t getting
and we’re not getting anything
from medicine these days
it’s $twenty here and $forty there
they’re yanking on our chains
we’re paying for their schooling
and we’re paying with our pain.

i’ve given up on saving
now that i know they get it
when you get sick
and go down quick
and that’s where we’re all headed
i’m gonna have to live it up
I’m gonna have to spend
either way
i’m busted in the end

the more you have
the more they take
the more you’re sick
the more they make
and that’s messed up
and fucked up, both,
what happened to
the hippocratic oath?

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture courtesy latinitasubique.wikispaces.com, courtesy bing.com/images
Daily prompt – deprive

6 thoughts on “walk it off

    1. aaargh, right? i hope you’re persevering and getting what you need. i’m really determined to get better with or without their help. gotta say i love dr. oz, cuz what i learned about what i got i learned most of it from him. don’t be surprised if that doesn’t show up as a verse in some daily prompt.

      Thanks for seeing it. Hope you feel real better real soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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