gems and germs

rubyit may not
all be good
it doesn’t have to
all make sense
if there’s going to be
a ruby in the mud
there must be mud around
the groundwork as it were
the practice before the perfect
the cloud to be lined-in-silver
the empty cup
to fill it up
keep it going
never give up

write write write all night
let it come out

sometimes it’s gems
sometimes it’s germs
sometimes nothing to write home about
but it always is something
which is better than nothing
which is words in a new conflagration if you
do not accept static
or hackneyed
or trite
and always aspire to
say it a new way
to put down a thought
to write
not like demeaning
but getting the meaning
not like degrading
but going for shading.
© 2011 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by Fathromi Ramdlon, courtesy
an answer to the Daily prompt – empty

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