picture-perfect selfie shots

he was visually obsessedllama-189597_960_720
all his thoughts expressed
in picture-perfect selfie shots
that he thought were
but that were not
too uniquely hot

she was virtually undressed
and posed for best effect
in shrewdly sexy selfie shots
that she thought were
and yes they were, cuz she’s a girl
and girls just are
pretty f’in hot
the surface changed as they got on
the good skin and the dimples gone
the years they wore
the weight put on
they no longer saw perfection
in their own reflections
but by then they saw
in each other
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
the Daily prompt – perfection – made me do it
the Daily prompt – surface – asked to see it again
photos by Bekah Dykhuizen and Richard Smith, courtesy pixabay.com

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