them sheep

this verse was composed for the weekly photo challenge, and here’s that photo:

green meadow 159-06-june-5th-2016

i fell asleep
and lost them sheep
them goats have
gone astray
i’ll find them all,
i have to,

but it’s gonna take all day

this meadow is enormous
and there’s not a single fence
i guess i never noticed
that this place was so immense.
except … i hear them giggling
they’re hiding there,
they’re giggling
i prob’ly should have mentioned
i have impish sheep and goats

they’re imbecilic miscreants
they think they’re such a riot
are they ruminating ruminants?
no, they never could keep quiet
not these galoots, no brother,
these guys are strictly tricksters
and they’ve swapped clothes
with each other
in an effort to confuse me,
i think they think they’re cute
them ovines and them bovines is amusing
but they never were excessively astute
them sheep, they’re kids
them goats, they’re ewe
©2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
it also fits the Daily prompt – fence
and wanders into the Daily prompt – gone – while i work on something new
and ponders the Daily prompt – ruminate

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