working girl

girl in green scene
her transformation takes a kind
of patience to perfect
for every flaw there is a cure
or some way to correct it
she is the caterpillar girl
a blob of nothing special
with hours and pounds of makeup,
adding implants, boobs and dental,
the edges start to look less rough
the curvature defines
you still can see the real her
if you read beneath the lines
her gown billows like gossamer
her borrowed shoes are Blahnik’s
and every eye is watching
as she sips her vodka tonics
a modern Cinderella,
she’s home in bed by three
and up at 8 so she can make
it to the factory.
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo by Matthew Wiebe, courtesy
this verse owes its existence to the Daily Prompt – transformation
and is hanging with the repeated Daily Prompt – transformation
while i work on a new one

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