the timid man

the timid man, he barely spoke,
he rarely smiled, he never joked,
he seldom laughed, he didn’t dance,
he wouldn’t take a chance.
afraid of how he’d be perceived,

afraid to live, afraid to bleed,
he never leaped before he looked,
he never stole a book.
he never did a bare-ass thing,
his fear was too embarrassing.
caution was his only friend,
and that’s what killed him in the end.

©2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
this verse owes its existence to the Daily Prompt – embarrassing

10 thoughts on “the timid man

    1. it truly does. looks like you have to re-link any posts you made on the down days & they’ll be connected. Also noting that “connected” was the word the day before it all went down!


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