so much to do to prepare for today,
for the party, the people attending
expect great things, there’s much to be cleaned
my task list is never ending:

get up at dawn, fix the door
mow the lawn, mop the floors
set up the canopy, unstack the chairs
cut up the apples, peaches and pears
make 3 other salads, clean the dog’s pen
take out the trash, make ice cubes again
pull up the weeds, pick up the twigs
set up the croquet & whirlygigs
unfurl the flag and hoist it
find all the playstation joysticks
find the hammer,
hang up the banner
scale the fish
put snacks in dishes
inside, be sure it’s all dusted
put the dog in his pen – he can’t be trusted
set up tables, wet bar and grill
put ice in the coolers, let the drinks chill
make ice again so there’ll be some for later
get out the plow, fill in that crater
put guest towels in the bathrooms
make playlists on my i-tunes
where is the spouse? either find him
or leave a message to remind him
since you know his mind can roam
leave it where he’ll see it on his way back home:

the pies

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning

This is for this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction challenge
203 words

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