cutlery in the days of rage

wooper had a pretty fork
we took it when we ran
there’s so few ways to
retain sane
like a pretty fork can
her pretty fork and her Mi-mou
the only things that mattered
whenever we escaped his rage
and peaceful life got shattered
and then along came akj,
our 3rd, our musketeer,
and ak had a fancy spoon
that he held near and dear

cutlery defined us then
it helped us cope with life
his the spoon
hers the fork
mine the bloody knife

photo by Humusak, courtesy

© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning

Discover Challenge – fork

4 thoughts on “cutlery in the days of rage

    1. thank you. i didn’t really feel how intense it was until i started to read it to my daughter to get her ok to post it. couldn’t get past the 2nd line. had to email it to her for her ok.


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