crowded train
photo courtesy

it’s sardine time
on this train
we cannot fit
a single grain
we even can’t fit
no more air
we will explode
with one more air
to little pieces
goodby my nephews
goodbye nieces

they’re pushing to
get on again
evil women
cruel men
if we explode
they’ll never find us
and there’s a new train
right behind us
we couldn’t fit
one drop of water
goodby my son
goodbye daughter



(c) 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
title courtesy my boy

Daily Challenge – grain

5 thoughts on “toodles…

  1. I could never force myself into that train. Your thoughts of impending death very nicely put my phobia into words and that’s without a full car!! Love these works of poetic art Aunt kStan!!! I’ve enjoyed every one!!


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