Jessica’s Future Plans

Jessica wants to be a nun
i doubt that she’ll have any fun
wearing dresses every day
behaving in a saintly way
speaking softly, singing songs…
…i doubt she’ll be a nun for long.

Jessica wants to rob a bank
with a high-powered rifle & an army tank
then take her friends with her on a cruise
and buy them tuxedos & dresses & shoes
she said it at dinner & no one protested…
…i just hope that she doesn’t go get arrested.

Jessica wants to own a castle
with velvety blankets, silk curtains with tassels,
with a dragon, a drawbridge, a moat & a frog,
somewhere near Spain in a mystical fog.
Jessica dreams up these things quite a lot.
Moms thinks she’s a genius…
…i’m thinking she’s not.


picture by, courtesy Google Images

© 1976 kStan(ly) Lanning

Discover challenge – dream
Daily prompt – bridge

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