all views with no vision

she sits in her prison,
all views with no vision,
the sadness falls off her in waves

she can’t see the future
she can’t be a new her
she’ll wallow, not leaving, for days

and some down below,
who have no way to know,
their envy is palpably hot

but that’s how it goes
when you get round to those
who could have been “haves” but have not

their blame is misguided
they don’t try to hide it
they can’t place themselves in her shoes

she worked for her status
but none of that matters
tomorrow she’s yesterday’s news

there are those on the street
with no empathy
or the presence of mind to imagine

that up in the penthouse
and down with the left-outs
there are tragedies waiting to happen

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning


daily prompt- vision
daily prompt – waiting

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