diverse divers

diverse divers
dove for pearls
some were fellas
some were girls
some were pink
some were green
some thick, some thin,
some in-between
some were oldsters
some were young
but somehow all the
pearls were gone

they’d found some
diverse ways to hide
some upstairs
some outside
some were cultured
some were crude
some were clothed
but most were nude
some giggled as
the divers swam
one grumbled from
his jar of jam

diverse divers
swam back up
some were sad
that none had luck
but some were glad
just for the sport
one diver left
for traffic court
one had class
one had a date
some who didn’t
stayed out late.


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning

Discover Challenge – diverse

swimming with the Daily prompt – culture – while i work on something new

6 thoughts on “diverse divers

      1. You’re very welcome and I can see why 🙂 If you have a moment I would love for you to visit my sight, I’m just getting started.


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