my strong and sorry shadow


why does boredom follow me
everywhere i go?
where is the excitement
that i’m sure i used to know?
my strong and sorry shadow,
enigma uninvited…
wasn’t there a time once when
i used to get excited?
where is my enthusiasm,
my joie de vivre,
my vivre?
i don’t have pneumonia,
i don’t have a fevre,
maybe it’s adhd
or the angle of the sun
when it meets my height,
and the absence of light
penetrating my brain…
whatever it is, i can’t say,
but it must be entertained.
now how to amuse it today?*

*shout out to my man, AA Milne

(c) 2014 & 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily prompt — shadow
bumbling about with the Daily prompt – enthusiasm,
while i work on something new

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