a day at the beach…

i’m here on the beach,
where are you?

i thought i saw your car in the parking lot

but i searched the beach and you are not anywhere.

i wish you’d hurry with your camera,
these are shots you shouldn’t miss
did you leave yet?
you’ll be mad you missed all this.
it’s a photo-ready scene:
beneath the sweetly setting sun
there’s a shark out there, i mean, what a picture.

an orange sky, a crimson tide,
circling birds,

a day at the beach

my oh my, he’s feasting…
yup there’s an arm there…
yup there’s the other.
you gotta capture this.
on the beach here
people screaming
whistles blowing
babies crying
people going
really fast now
madness, madness,
and you’re missing it all.
photo ops are everywhere,
this could have been your big break.
you’re usually the first one here.
why are you so late?
 (c) 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo courtesy commons.wikimedia.org (since you weren’t here to take it yourself)
for those who missed it, Daily prompt – missing
 this one craves attention – Daily prompt – feast
created for the Daily Prompt – beach

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