It’s been a long line
                               of long talks
                                           and big laughs
                                                   and open ears,
                                           it’s been years.
                          It’s been a strong bond
                 to lean on
         and dance with
and share tears.
          I can’t begin,
                 well I guess I’ve begun,
                          but I can’t express,
                                  well I guess I’m expressing,
                                           the depths of my love
                                                   for the friend of my life
                                                                     that is you.
                                                            You make me feel
                                                            You make me feel
                                                     It’s been a long life
                                           of long roads
                                   and potholes
                          and bare bones,
                  and as long as
         you’ve been in it
I have never
         been alone.

© September 2014 kStan(ly) Lanning – for Tony
Daily prompt – depth
Discover weekly Challenge – shared journeys



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