Ways to Keep Warm

she  wanted to be tall and lean
a fashion plate
homecoming queen
but the fact that she was not was
not as hard to deal with as
the fact that she was
and round
and reddish brown
and awkward in her motions
and so she made a raft and she went
sailing on the ocean
she became a sailor
on her own with no commander
(other than the weather and
whatever heaven’d hand her)
she rolled with the waves
she weathered the storms
when it was cold
she found ways to keep warm
she learned the tricks
to survive under stress
and when she came backreddish brown apple
her hair was a mess
but the doctors and lawyers
and journeymen flocked
to be part of her circle
‘cuz man this chick rocked



(c) 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning

Obstacles- the Challenge
Reverie Challenge
sorry if you’ve seen it before, but while I work on a new one
this answers the Daily Prompt – with a journey that ends with a journeyman

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