don’t you go to the movies?

your rage
gets so redundant
your blasts in the past that i left long ago
take it out
of my face
i won’t live like that
i don’t need
i dont want
i don’t have
to live like that

you say
your disease, the BIG A
makes you this way
justifies you
alibies you
i say
the BIG A
is not the disease
just a symptom
one of many
of the true disease
as plain as the runny nose on your face

it’s your rage

and i think
after all this time
that i know
the cause of the rage
the roots that wound
around your heart
that turned your mind
into a kind
of torture chamber
that buried the soul one time so pure
now darkened and sure
it’s the world’s fault
it’s everyone who is happy
it’s everyone who gets up each day
who goes off to work
and comes back on home and has friends and family and love and laughs
and calm cool collected peace
without rage

it’s their fault
and you’ll make them pay
one person at a time
and you’re starting with me
but i have proven more difficult
than you could imagine,
than you can handle.
i have refused to step on up
to the dark side
i have refused to lose my smiles and my laughs and my love
you’ve stumbled on
someone with a very huge heart
and it’s just killing you, isn’t it?

Poor fool.

hate never wins.
evil never wins. 
don’t you go to the movies?

(c) 1994 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily prompt – calm

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