2 for the Clock Watchers


what I wouldn’t give for 5 o’clock.
o’clock, a funny way to say it, no?
of’the, on’the, or irish?
and cheers to his brother,
Paddy O’Clock,
who ran off with the
bottle of bourbon
& hasn’t been heard from again.
18 minutes to 5 o’clock
and still it feels like morning
that day that never ends
has no friends.


back to bored
all caught up
nothing left
all brought up
to date
to death
to kill
the hours
‘til time
to go
to more
so common yet uninteresting is boredom
so frequently
a thought
but so seldom
what we ought
to discuss
boredom is the root of all ennui
now there’s a word I could get used to
so sad
so blue
so what
to do
ennui go again

© 2011 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily prompt – clock

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