i’m getting to know my extremes
but not how to fix them
or what it would mean
to somehow eclipse them
i go from zero
to a thousand on the
energy scale
from dancing like a demon
to beaching like a whale
not in baby toddles but
in epidemic leaps
i play with aspirations
but i don’t play for keeps

when there is oomph
i have to embrace it,
imbibe it, let’s face it,
gotta run with the ball
while it’s still in the air
but then it deflates
or it’s me that deflates
and i can’t care
can’t move for lack of interest
can’t think for lack of mind
i’m zombie-zoned
and what was toned
becomes a pile of mush
i don’t just mean my tush
all that i’ve worked on,
my physical state,
my mental capacities,
and i think i am sunk
i think i can’t swim
but next day i wake up
and just on a whim
i’m rolling towards beastin’
as if it was planned
flip side of the coin
where i couldn’t i can
maybe it’s time
to look into
my dosage
the voltage




© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily prompt – eclipse
cradled with the Daily prompt – baby, while I work on something new


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