never underestimate the box

if i were a box i’d be
whatever my box maker made of me
no voice
no choice
no black rolls royce….

hey, no more assumptions,
a box with some gumption(s)
could have tricks up its sleeve
could bob, could weave,
could maybe work in pottery
could maybe win the lottery
could be a superhero who
could  violin like nero would
could solve a host of world dilemmas
just like that, like no problema(s)
could be a house,
could be a bus,
could be the smartest one of us,
could weather all humilities,
tap untold possibilities,
could go for Nobel prizes…

a box who otherwise is
underutilized as i is
could be full of surprises.

© 2014 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily prompt – maybe
Daily prompt – dilemma



4 thoughts on “never underestimate the box

  1. Cool Poem…you reminded me of a Family Guy episode I saw once and Peter Griffin choose the mystery box instead of the yacht or whatever, and he says “There could be anything in that box! It could even be a Yacht!”


  2. Hey Ms K Stan Lee
    I just read through your April 16 archive. Teriffic. Had a few chuckles and smiles and just enjoyed lots of your verse.
    “a box who otherwise is
    underutilized as I is
    could be full of surprises”
    Very pleasantly surprised I am.


    1. thank you so much! so glad you liked that one…it’s one of my “freebase” poems, what I do when there’s downtime at work, just what comes out when i park my ego elsewhere.


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